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Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
you find her lassie? what's she doing out so late? we better get mom and dad. come. anna, we're your friends. you do understand? do you live near here? where do you suppose she comes from? don't you have a home? a house? house? wilkins house. paul, she must be that little foreign girl the wilkins were going to bring home with them. come to think of it i heard they were expected back any day now. you must be right ruth. i'll go call fred wilkins. and tell him that she's here. jenny? would you like some more cheese and crackers?martin. no there ie found a little girl. how about a nice piece of chocolate cake? ♪ mom? she looks like she's starved. oh she seems fine. a little hungry. and now that you all know something about anna and how she came to be in calverton... picnic's are usually on saturday. but like today and on sundays and special occasions. and then your mom makes sandwiches. say sandwiches, anna. sandwiches. good. ♪ard boiled eggs. hard boiled ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ anna? where'd she go now? anna? i guess we'll have to find her lassie. she gets lost in these woo
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
. let's roll. >>> anna conrad is a survivor. 30 years ago she was caught in an avalanche at the alpines ski resort. a wall of snow came over the mountain and buried the resort. 10 people died. but anna survived buried in the snow as rescue workers frantically looked for her. bob mackenzie talked to anna about her ordeal. >> reporter: exhausted volunteers continued their search for victims of the previous day's disaster. an avalanche that had struck the alpine meadow ski resort crushing several buildings and buried at least eight people. after a night of freezing weather rescue workers were losing hope of finding anyone alive. >> a miracle. it would be a miracle. >> one person knew that there was a survivor but she could tell no one. that person was the survivor herself, anna conrad, a woman that at the moment this pictures were taken was buried in snow and rubble beneath this building known adds the summit building. she could not move her body and her voice could not carry over the snow. >> i spent a lot of time thinking about my boyfriend. i spent a lot of time thinking about my family
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
of this generation. you can catch her in "anna karenina." coming up right now. >> i try to live my life everyday by doing the right thing. we know that we're halfway to complete a eliminate hunger and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stem punker out. -- stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station by viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome keira knightley to this program. starting this friday, you can catch her in the film adaptation of the tolstoy classic "anna karenina." before we get to the new project, though, here, just a small sampling of some of her other memorable work. >> had not your pride been heard by my honesty by admitting scruples. could you expect me to progress in the interior d of your circumstances? >> those are the words of a gentleman? you were the last man in the world i could ever be prevailed upon to marry. >> dyou do know what i am talking about, don't you? you knew before i did. >> why are you crying? >> freedom in moderation. >> precisely. >
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
decision, but anna has decided to become a paid a donor. she will help infertile women become mothers. in return, she will receive 750 euros per donation. that is a lot of money for the chemistry student. >> it is not a regular monthly income, but it is enough to help the family that urgently needs money. in my case, i needed to pay the registration fee so that i can keep wking towary maer's degree. >> donating eggs is legal, and an increasing number of women in spain are doing it, including here. the clinics pay up to 900 compensation and expenses for the examinations, hormone treatment, and egg extraction. anna needs the money. though she is 26, she is almost too old. this clinic is looking for even younger donors, and it has plenty of applicants to choose from. >> every day, we get calls from two or three women who want to donate eggs. we now have a list of 200 donors, even though we do not have that many potential recipients. >> donating eggs is a lucrative source of income. although in spain it is illegal to sell them, donors receive money in the form of compensation. four years
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2012 9:20am EST
>> imus in the morning ♪ >> are you ready for this? ambassador anna wintour? it pays to be a publisher. the fashion magazine editor is considered as ambassador for london or paris. yes, as europe struggles with crisis our official representative may be a celebrity bungler. new taxes announcing, these are taxes no matter how the fiscal cliff works out. and larry ellison knows it and pays to avoid a dividend tax. gets 200 million dollars. i'm still shaking my head. ambassador anna wintour? "varney & company" is about to begin. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke hgoes with people he trusts, which ishy he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime im with hidden fs. he caworry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. i heard you guys can sp ground for ss than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday
Dec 23, 2012 3:00pm PST
gazillion of them. let's bring in anna navarro and elsie granderson from grand rapids, michigan. both are cnn contributeors. okay. it sounds kind of odd because the president hasn't done anything when it comes to gun control. so that's something we need to examine. it's all in our heads. what is that? gun sales soaring. is this an aun intended consequence of president obama's push for new ideas to reduce gun violence? go, anna. >> you see a spike in gun sales. people want to retain their rights. i don't think we blame the gun sales on obama. i don't think we blame it on the nra. i think we blame it on a human reaction. i think what we need to see -- >> but, anna -- >> is a comprehensive approach -- >> hang on. we don't blame it on that, but i think these gun people are being very candid when they say that. they wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. there was a gun show here in georgia this weekend. people were lined up around the corner to buy guns after 20 kids -- i mean, what is that? >> the -- it's the unfortunate repetition of the same pattern over and over again. a terrible shooting
Dec 1, 2012 6:30am PST
picture? want to bring in two conservative cnn contributors, anna navarro in cambridge, massachusetts and will cain here with me. republicans lost with a campaign focused on what they turned as a failed obama economy. is it time for them to change their message on the economy? >> well, look, i'm happy you're talking about the economy because i think the lesson that too many republicans and democrats for that matter are taking from this election is it's all about demographics. the republicans lost latinos because of immigration, for example, or the youth for a variety of reasons. those are all true, but focusing on that too narrowly denies that there is a problem with the republicans economic message. here's my small criticism of you, christine. >> make sure it's narrow. >> i think it's a larger macro view over elections. look, republicans have lost five of the last six popular votes for president. i think the republican economic message is having trouble resonating with the middle class. the middle class seeing how it makes their life better, when pitted against an opponent who says i
Dec 25, 2012 5:30pm PST
fields. we asked anna warner to look into that. >> reporter: eagle lake, texas, depends on rice. it's been grown here since the 1800s. drought is usually the biggest threat, but the nervous talk in the drugstore now is about congress. >> without the farm bill, it really makes it uncertain for ehat you should do next year. >> reporter: steve is a pharmacist here and a rice farmer. the people are nervous. >> very nervous. wh reporter: what are they saying when they're coming in? what are you hearing? >> "what do we do?" you know, they don't know what to do. ht's so uncertain right now that the banks don't know what to do. the farmers don't know what it do. they're out there plowing the land, getting it all prepared for next year, with total cecertainty. >> reporter: at stake, $154 billion in federal farm aid and isop insurance, sidelined by the fiscal cliff stalemate. benefits from the farm bill also guarantee rice farmer l.g. ronn that his costs are covered when crops are bad or demand drops. you'd be out of it if there was no subsidies? >> i will be looking for another job, abso
Dec 18, 2012 7:30am EST
running right up to the last hour. nhk world joins us live from central seoul. anna? >> reporter: gene, people have gathered behind me to hear a campaign speech. she picked a symbolic location. this is seoul's main street and she is speaking a short distance away from the blue house where the president lives and works. the election race trying to stay ahead of her main competitor. he represents the opposition democratic united party. moon is wrapping up his second day in the largest city. they had been appealing to young voters and others who are undecid undecided. whoever gets their support stands a good chance of winning. >> reporter: she looks back on the outfalling six years ago. it came while she was campaigning on . >> reporter: she will never give in. she says she appears to conservatives but doesn't reach young voters. candidates are adapted and campaign workers try to listen to what the young are saying. this year they are trouble finding work. the staff promises to do something about the job shortage. >> our saenuri party is criticized for not understanding the young pe
Dec 17, 2012 7:00pm EST
song, anna grace, was composed for anna marquez greene by her father jimmy a jazz saxophonist. anna was singing, he said, before she talked. >> dylan. madelei madeleine, cath erin. >> reporter: a neighbor told reporters 7-year-old chase kowalski just lost his two front teeth and said he was going to ask santa to bring them back. >> jesse. james. grace. >> reporter: emilie parker was the oldest of three girls. her dad says her laughter was infectious. nchts >> she is an incredible person. >> she is an incredible person. and i'm so blessed to be her dad. >> jack. noah, carolyn. >> reporter: carolyn previdi. her parents told her she could have her own horse when she was 10. she asked santa for new could i girl boots and a hat. >> reporter: benjamin, avielle. allison. god has called them home. >> reporter: many were saved by the actions of adults who died. principal dawn hochsprung, special ed teacher ann marie murphy. substitute teacher lauren russeau. mary sherlach, the school psychologist. victoria soto's family says she barricaded students in a closet and stood between them and the
Dec 27, 2012 5:30pm PST
port from texas to maine say they'll walk off the job on sunday. we asked anna werner to find out how a strike would hurt the u.s. economy. >> reporter: the port of houston handles 42 million tons of cargo every year. it extended its hours this week to try and get shipments in and out before a strike can bring the port to a standstill. jim gillis is vice president of gulf intermodal services, a container trucking company. >> we've seen a dramatic increase in volumes and congestion as a result. >> reporter: what happens if they can't get all the goods out of the port? >> you have containers being held in yards around the houston area, specifically, so you're going to see stores are going to have problems stocking. >> reporter: negotiations between the international longshoremen's union and the shipping companies are deadlocked over a proposal to cut royalties paid to 15,000 dock workers for each ton of cargo they move. a shutdown would affect 15 ports on the east and gulf coasts, including new york, baltimore, miami and houston. the ports handle nearly 50% of all oceangoing container shi
Dec 8, 2012 2:45pm EST
is really policy have been jews such as tony judd, distinguished guests, not to mention anna stone. this is by no means an accident but fit between israel and american jews with strong traditions of liberalism and universal ethics. was never a national one. jewish liberal supporters of israel had to look past for the night unappetizing human-rights record but that has become much harder and harder to do. norman finkelstein argues in his new book that american jews no too much now and in the battle for american jewish mines, the guerrillas and his zionism. making this argument for some time, it is now being echoed in a different key by establishment figures like roger cohen and walter crone and thomas friedman. is this the end romance? i am not sure. support for israel has long been one of the three walls of what the french jewish writer called the jewish prison, and holocaust memory and the idea of the people. there is no doubt the we are seeing important and encouraging explosion of a debate among jews around the question of israel which is of course also the question of palestine
FOX News
Dec 4, 2012 10:00pm PST
questions. i'm on the anna winter parade. i love it. >> you told me you thought it was a good choice. >> it was a good choice because look, if anything we can do to -- if she goes to france to annoy the french at this point would be a good thing, and french fashion used to cut it, but does anna wintour really thing that today. her nickname is nuclear wintour. that's what they called her. she should be the ambassador to china or russia. that's much better for her. >> she probably thinks you're sarcastic. >> she makes a lot of money for the president. the president obviously did well on the celebrity set. he and michelle are the darlings of vogue magazine. she's been on the cover many times. it's not surprising that anna wintour would be in their orbit. what qualifies her to be a u.s. ambassador. >> if you look at any of these choices? let's be honest. the choice for ambassador for britain for the last 15 years has been, whether it's republican or democrats has been one of the biggest donors. it's not a hugely diplomatic post. it's payback. >> of all the things that president obama's up to th
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
my way or the highway. >> so anna, he also said the white house has wasted another week. now two days later, they're meeting again. did boehner's remarks make the difference? >> good. look, i think it's great. we cannot reach a deal if you are posturing and negotiating through press conferences. they need so sit in a room, they need to look at each other, they need to talk constructive debate, and they need to move this ball forward. i think what happened today is a very good sign. americans should be encouraged. it's a good thing. when our congressional leadership and our president are actually capable of meeting and talking about the difficult issues that face this country. what a refreshing and new idea. >> when you hear people like -- so you hear members of the gop, anna and lz, saxby chambliss, corker, they're all saying, we're willing to do this, but the messaging you hear on television is quite different, than what is actually being said behind closed doors, you make a very good point, anna. lz, do you think they're going to get something done with face-to-face talks and d
Dec 2, 2012 12:00pm PST
special panelist of journalists, anna marie cox and karen tumblty, a political reporter for the "washington post." good sunday afternoon to both of you. >> anna marie, let me start with you. for about two days after the election, everyone is holding hands, singing kumbaya. no one is singing any more. all of that optimism seems to have disappeared. we're hearing more lawmakers saying publicly, we just heard from lindsay graham yesterday. i had a congressman from vermont on the show, he said the same thing that we could very well be jumping over this cliff. posturing or reality? >> well i think it's something of a reality. but this is case where the moniker of fiscal cliff i think is going to wind up hurting republicans. because it sounds so scary. even though there is not going to be any immediate fiery death, if things don't happen. and i think the president kind of looks better going into this, i think they know that they say in game of chicken, he who cares the least wins. and i think it's the white house who kind of just is going to let the republicans play this out. however
Dec 12, 2012 12:00am PST
butler and joanne greg plays anna, the head house made, i am proud to have all of you here. >> let me start and go around and tell me where you left your character and what to expect this year. >> the end of season 2. >> robert was relieved that the war and the spanish flu had deserted at long last and maybe he would get his home back in the way he wanted. we open season three having discovering robert has made a catastrophic financial investment and so down o downton peril. >> rose: it is about 19th 20. >> 1920. >> yes. >> the whole of season three takes around 18 months. >> rose: okay. >> and at the end, of season 2, anna has just had her life almost in complete tatters as he is sentenced to the death sentence and gets a reprieve at the end of season 2 so anna starts season three much more positive because at least she has a goal now, she has something to work toward, she is trying to find evidence and try to clear mr. bates name and free herman. so yes, it is a more positive start for anna in season three. >> yes. and for carson, is stuffy old traditionalist he s all he wants to do
Dec 4, 2012 5:30pm PST
everybody buzzing. news broke out today that anna wintour, the glamorous and formidable editor of "vogue" is in the running to be president obama's next ambassador to france or to britain. she helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his re-election. so what might happen when high fashion meets high-wire diplomacy? abc's david wright. >> reporter: she's a woman renowned for exquisite taste and withering looks. the inspiration for meryl streep's character in "the devil wears prada." >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> i think that depends on what your -- >> no, no, that wasn't a question. >> reporter: a portrayal anna wintour may not have enjoyed, but she told barbara walters she respected it. >> did you recognize any part of yourself? >> well, i'm a very decisive person, so if meryl seemed somewhat strong, i respect that. >> reporter: she is the single most powerful woman in the fashion industry. her influence felt not just on the runway but in the shopping malls too. as the documentary "the september issue" revealed, the editor of "vogue" doesn't mince words. >>
Dec 28, 2012 3:30am PST
devine in you. can you say that? very good. so, as joe anna was saying. this come from the word meaning to tell stores. this is a story teller. you guys i heard out there i was listening a birdie told me you thought you were going to see a movie; right ? >> you are. in the old days this comes from what country? india. thousands of years ago and hundreds of years ago in india there were no movie theatres, no television, no radio, no comic books or no books for people like you and me to read. was this the same here? >> yes. all offer the world it was like that. ask your parents. they can tell you what it was like before the internet. so, people told stores. i bet you tell stories. did you tell a story today? >> yeah, i bet you did you went up to our friend and said, did you see that? your friend said, no, no he didn't. right? that's a story. so, i will tell you a story. in india, here we have super heroes like, tell me a hero. >> super man. we have super heroes in india. krishna. lifts mountains and throws them to the ocean to create bridges. i will tell you the story about a super hero.
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
n. new york city, anna coyman, fox news. >>> the news is far from over. the news edge starts now. >>> beginning with all eyes on the clock. thanks for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. come new year's eve when we count down to midnight, we're counting down to the so-called fiscal cliff. if congress does nothing, taxes go up on everyone. mike emmanuel has more. >> reporter: lawmake -- lawmakers return to capitol hill in a last-minute attempt going over the fiscal cliff. congressional leaders are looking to avoid tax hikes on most americans but key disagreements on eptitlesments and tax rate thresh finds remain. president obama's original plan called for increasing taxes on families earning more than $250,000 now $400,000 could be a number on the negotiating table. >> the $400,000 level seems to me to be with about right. that represents about the top 1% of income earners in the country and is they got knee% of the growth and there is some flexibility there. >> reporter: the republicans say the u.s. is not facing's revenue problem. >> i feel like i'm a lifeguard and we have to sav
Dec 19, 2012 3:00pm PST
, columnist for the washington post and anna marie cox, correspondent for the guardian. thank you for both being here tonight. >> hi, reverend. >> anna, will boehner take the deal? >> well, if i could answer that one way or another, then i wouldn't have to open my christmas presents, either. i would know everything. but i don't know. i do know that the plan be that he's put forward. it's an unusual thing to be in. but it seems like such a suicide mission in some ways. it seems like there's no win in that. it is full of not win. it is full of losing for the republicans on every level. i confess that maybe i'm of the mystic or naive, but i have to believe that there's a lot more going on underneath the surface. boehner is known for wanting to reach compromise. and the president is a deal maker himself. so maybe there's some -- maybe there's footsy going on here that we don't know about. on the top of the table, it makes no sense what so ever. >> dana, what are we looking at here? fight within the republican party here? is it against the more moderate republicans? i mean, why are we seei
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
, maryland. anna martinez green was also buried. and in utah, the funeral of six- year-old emily parker was held. the town covered in pink as her parents asked people to wear pink. >> the unite the way announced that funds reached $2.2 million. >>> across the nation, there has ben an outpouring of support and -- there has been an outpouring of support and love from acrosses nace. and there is a drive for hurricane sandy affect the. it's called operation kids comfort. >> it's that comfort of shoaling something and just being able to just hold it, you know, take it with them where they go >> hurricane sandy victims drove from new york to connecticut to hand deliver the teddy bears to the kids. >>> closer to home, dozens of maryland children spent part of the day today making paper snow flakes to be sent to the survivors of the school shooting in connecticut. fox 5's john henrehan has this story. >> reporter: on a cold and blustery saturday, dozens of families made their trip to a the children's boutique. they came to make paper snow flakes. these decorations will be sent to the children who s
Dec 12, 2012 3:00pm PST
is a washington post poll. what are the feels you're getting out there, anna marie? >> it's all anecdotal. but from my experience living out here in the midwest, the american people are pretty common sense kl. in the way they look at the politics is that people should behave like you would in any other negotiating situation. if you were sitting down with your boss or in your house or something. when they bring that logic to washington, what boehner is doing makes no sense at all. these tax cuts for the very wealthy, it's so blatantly unpopular. it goes against logic. it's such a thing that you could -- it seems like a very common sense thing to put on the table in order to reach, you know, a compromise. i think that's what people are reacting to. now, we know it's more complicated than that for some, you know, for boehner. he has to lead a coalition that has some complicated stuff going on. but it's true. he's just going to get more unpopular the closer we get to this cliff. the more it looks like he's stepping on the gas to go into it. >> leah, even republicans are saying the p
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
delays go. now over the marty. >> with the flu season comes lots of germs. anna post is the great grand daughter of emily post. she runs the emily post institute on politeness and such things. he's -- she's coming onto talk about politeness. >> we're coming >>> good morning. it is 6:30 on december 24th, 2012. santa has been on his way to new zealand. let's go to marty. >> we've been tracking him on the computer. you can to. do a search for santa norad. 28 right now on tv hill. that's the exact same temperature as this time yesterday. by lunch 39 on its way to a high of 41. >>> now over to sharon. >> not too much to worry about on the roads. two accidents that should be cleared shortly. one of them on green spring valley road at spring hill road. the other one in the city, west saratoga. speeds still fantastic out there. there's a look at the topside of the beltway. still pretty empty at harford road. not much difference on 83 at ruxton road. the jfx problem free for the moment. now wjz has the stories that people are talking about this morning. here's justice -- here's jessica. >>
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> they plan to rename her anna faith. >> most of the toys that we have collected are infant toys because she is not developmentally she is much more like a 9 to 12-month-old. >> but the adoption ban signed by russian president vladimir few pin put all of that -- putin put all of that on hold. now they wait. >> shock is not really a term that describes our feelings. we are very disappointed and mostly heart broken. >> they are not alone in their disappointment. >> you want to do legos ? >> including this one-time disabled orphan from russia. this 21-year-old came to the united states when he was 15 and made incredible strides. a famous poet in his homeland when he was just 12, this ut grad now has prosthetic legs and can now walk. better yet, he has a family. >> i know how much my life has changed. >> the united nations children fund unicef estimate there are 740,000 orphans in russia and historically more of russia's orphans have gone to america over any other country. our thanks to melissa cutler from kdfw in dallas for that story. >>> this is the fox report. it is the bottom of
Dec 14, 2012 11:30am PST
don't go. >> well, i have to ask you now, anna, can you accept stewart's baggage? >> 15 years is a long time, but he could cure that in one trip to the dentist. i think i'll accept his dentist. >> congratulations. anna and stewart will enjoy a sunset ride. we'll see you next time. >> you're a good sport. i'm glad you accepted my baggage. >> you're welcome. i think you'll be coming the the dentist with me nex ♪ save 50% on family outerwear. and it's buy one get one free on family footwear. at kmart. >>> my heart starts beating fast and i don't feel good. >> because i have one arm. >> i was coming here. >> nice job, well done. >> something remarkable is happening here in the bay area and the beautiful rolling hills and vineyards of livermore. it's camp arroyo. >> abc7 is proud to bring you the stories of some incredibly courageous people battling life-threatening diseases. in our special program called i just like me." ♪ >> it's amazing to be here with all these kids. it's exciting and reminds me what i need to do. >> the taylor family foundation brings kids together like these t
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST
. nhk world's anna jung has from seoul. >> people braved the cold and gathered behind to hear park of the ruling party deliver a campaign speech. she picked a sill bolick. she called on south koreans to vote for her. if elected she would work to reignite the country. she will stay ahead of the main competitor moon jae-un. he represents the opposition united party. moon says if he were president he would do more the middle and working classes. park and moon along with four independent candidates have been appeals young voters and others undecided. whoever gets their support stands a good chance of winning. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: a video of the candidate park. she looks back on the outpouring of family sympathy six years ago. it came while he was campaigning and a man slashed her face with a knife. >>> park is reflecting an image of strength. she will never give in to violence. analysts say the edge appears to conservatives but doesn't reach that. park uses other tactics to get their vote. the candidate a's song is adapt from a hit, and campaign workers try to listen t
Dec 6, 2012 7:30am EST
companies are taking steps to help keep these women stay on the job. nhk world's anna jung has the story. >> reporter: yong gyung stays home to watch after her children, ages 6 and 3, while her husband is at work. after graduating from college, she worked as a magazine reporter for ten years, but she quit to raise her first child. now the 34-year-old mother would like to work again. this would mean putting her youngsters in child care, but she worries how to balance work and family. >> translator: my husband works late at night. my parents live far away, so it's tough for my mother to baby sit. i could leave them in child care until late, but i would feel bad. i think it will be tough finding work that fits my schedule. >> translator: on this day, a member of an organization that supports working mothers visits lee. sponsored by the government, the group carries out support projects for working mothers. it also visits mothers' homes to providing counseling. >> reporter: the organization also offers seminars for mothers who have concerns. here, working couples receive advice. rather
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 11:30am PST
school to carry out a massacre. anna kooiman live from our new york city news room with that part of the story. >> connecticut authorities saying there's no indication after motive at the moment and no note has been found of. it's been reported the last few years have been rocky for the alleged the shooter 20-year-old adam lanza and 2006 his older brother, 24-year-old ryan lanza left and went off to college and left adam at home with the the parents whose marriage was coming apart. a divorce in 2009. confusion over the shooter may have been because of adam carrying ryan's i.d. and he said it wasn't me, i was at work. computer and phone records are searched and fbi and hoboken police were investigating and running through the hallways. >> in the back of your head what could have possibly happened? there's hundreds and hundreds of things, and you know, you're just shook, you can't help it. you know, hug your own children you know, a little, a little more at night when you pick them up. it's an awful story. >> the fbi telling both brother and father are of cleared. and peter is remar
Dec 6, 2012 4:00am EST
morning sick sentencesness. anna bell roberts is with us. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. that's right. the latest on kate's condition is that she will remain in hospital. we're not quite sure for how much longer, but she is said to be doing well and getting a lot of rest, which doctors say is what she really needs. as you say, she's had a number of visitors, her brother james and sister pippa were both seen at the hospital last night visiting her. plenty of attention on them as they stepped out of the hospital. but the spotlight today is focused on the other side of the world and that has caused it because of these two australian d.j.s who found themselves in the headlines thanks to this prank call. they posed as the queen and prince charles. the receptionist said put them through and put them on the ward where kate is saying. she allegedly gave them an update on kate's condition. have a listen. >> kate, my darling. >> good morning, ma'am. this is vanessa speaking. >> hello, i'm just after my granddaughter kate to see how she's doing. >> some would call that radio gold. the d.j.
Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm PST
any closer to finding a solution. here's anna werner. >> reporter: a week closer to the december 31st deadline, treasury secretary timothy geithner told bob schieffer any potential deal will have to include a tax hike on the upper 2% of income earners. >> there is no way to raise a meaningful amount of revenue relative to the size of our fiscal challenge by just limiting the value of deductions for the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: he said the biggest obstacle is republicans who refuse to acknowledge that fact. >> there's nothing that stands in the way of that agreement. except for the potential risk that a group of republicans decide, they hold up an agreement because they want to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest that we can't afford. >> reporter: on fox news 2 sunday speaker john boehner was not optimistic. >> i would say we're nowhere. period. we're nowhere. >> reporter: earlier this week house gop members rejected a proposal from the white house that included tax hikes, spending cuts and $50 billion in new stimulus. >> we've put a serious offer on the table by putting reven
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm EST
believes nothing makes a school safer than teachers who are armed. and we send anna werner there. >> reporter: the herald school district is one building with 103 students. it's 20 minutes away from the nearest sheriff's station so suspect david thweet created what he calls a guardian plan after the attack at virginia tech. >> these people that go in and do these horrible acts, they're evil, but they're not that crazy. they always know where they're going to get resistance. >> reporter: teachers and administrators here carry concealed handguns. they won't say how many faculty members are armed, they get extra training, but the district would not give us details. do you understand that some people are horrified when you start talking about putting guns in schools with children? >> sure, but it was a pretty horrific thing that happened the other day, you know? and quite a few people are not horrified. quite a few people that we have in our district bring their students to us for that protection. >> reporter: texas law allows concealed weapons in schools with the district's permissi
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm PST
-range rocket. anna werner is in washington tonight. >> reporter: president kim jong-un said his country will test another long-range rocket this month. north korea describes it as an observe space satellite, but south korean and washington officials said it is anything but. south korea charged it's really a long-range missile in disguise, and here in washington, asia expert victor cha agrees. >> there should be no doubt in anybody's mind even though they call should a civilian launch it is a ballistic missile test. >> satellite activity shows an increase activity. north korea may be trying to prove that kim jong il's son, one year into his presidency has muscle. any missile test will increase tensions between north korea and the united states. today, the state department called the move "a highly provocative act that threatens peace and security in the region." cha says for good reason. >> if this missile test is successful, it can be the most proximate security threat for the obama administration as they begin their second term. >> reporter: cha says this is a problem president
Dec 18, 2012 1:00am EST
ran toward him. joining me now brendan rick either and anna maloney, both former students of sandy hook principal dawn hochsprung. anna, how long ago was she your teacher? >> about 12 years ago. >> in elementary school? >> middle school. >> middle school. what grade? >> she wasn't a teacher at the time. she was actually our vice principal. >> oh, okay. vice principal. what did she mean to you in your education at that school? >> i think that most of us all saw her as a team because we were part of a program that was called the summit program, and we worked together, and she would check in on her status on a daily basis and just offer positive reinforcement. >> how did you find out what happened to her? >> um, i work at the head start program in danbury, and so all day we were taking in information and figuring out lockdown. rumors were coming in. some were true. some proved not. the name the principal, which her -- came through, and it didn't come to me until i went home, and my mom called. >> so you found out at home? >> then i knew who the principal was. that just changed the who
Dec 28, 2012 12:35am EST
tonight. she's a great actress. her new movie "anna karenina" is in theaters now. keira knightley is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] she's the best. and she's fun. he's one of the biggest musicians in the world. he is talking, and he and his band are playing. dave matthews is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] we've got him backstage, they're ready to jam out. very, very excited. excited to be back. good to see you, higgins. good to see you, questlove. hey guys, i noticed this trend on facebook where people will post an image of an inspiring quote on their wall for everyone to see. the quote is like someone famous or like an actor, a politician, or a historical figure. i love reading them but sometimes i'll read one and think, did they really say that? and it can be hard to tell. no one checks these quotes to see if they're real or not. i'll show you guys what i'm talking about in this next segment called "don't quote me." ♪ don't quote me cause i'm ♪ >> jimmy: this first quote is from gandhi. he's a famous 20th century indian peace keeper. he said, "hate the sin, love th
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm PST
their 13 people to watch in politics next year feature. politico's anna palmer helped compile the list and joins us now. anna, so you got 13 for '13. tim scott, corey booker, elizabeth warren. do you have a couple in mind that stand out and should be paying attention to next year? >> absolutely. some of the names you might have heard of. paul ryan, for instance. but there's also names i think are particularly interesting on this state level right now that have some real national potential appeal. particularly juan who is the san antonio mayor, he has been talked about as a potential national figure and has also potentially could be really elevated with a 2014 memory coming out and camilla harris, the attorney general out of california. she has some big aspirations people tell us and the democratic operatives with the eye on her noted she could be a potential eric holder, attorney general or a national political figure. >> well, you mentioned a look at the states and put my nominee in there. i have to mention it. i love when the old folks manage to stay relevant. i think this is a
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 8:00am PST
. anna kooiman personally knows that. she is live in clarks summit, pennsylvania. anna? >> reporter: yeah. good day to you, jon and to everybody at home. last night we actually got caught in the brunt of it as well. the road conditions deteriorated so quickly, we had to stop here rather than traveling a little further northeast. in some parts of the northeast, a foot to even two feet of snow is going to be piled up when all said and done. here it is, i would say, it's reading closer to six but i would say it is a little bit less in some places. we stopped ironically at a church here in clark's summit called our lady of snows church. last year the northeast didn't get a whole heck of a lot of snow but this year, even sweet baby jesus in the nativity scene is getting to enjoy the white fluffy stuff. the town here of clarks summit, i talked to the borough president, she said last year the lack of snow really helped their bottom line, jon, because they had a surplus in their budget. they have even been able to stockpile some of the salt they're using for this snow. as for holiday travel
Dec 4, 2012 11:00am PST
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Dec 24, 2012 1:00am PST
gun enthusiasts. go ahead. >> i wanted to say that -- >> we citizens are going to -- >> let anna respond and i'll let you go, lz. go ahead, anna. >> don, we have right now three different chambers, you know, three different areas of government. there's a lot that the executive branch can do. there's a lot of leadership that president obama can provide that he has not provided on this issue, and yes, there's a lot of hearts and minds that have to change in congress, a lot of them republican, and also some democrats. i think it's up to us as citizens if we want to see changes happen, to take off the party label and demand it of our elected officials and the people representing us. a lot of times politicians act because the citizens are demanding it and crying out for it. >> right. >> that's what has to happen on this issue. >> i think, you're right, this is not -- >> we have to lead and they will follow. >> this is not a democrat or republican issue, taken is, it's going to take all of us to do it. and we have to take the politics out of it. l.z., i'll give you the last word. go ah
Dec 4, 2012 10:00am PST
washington. the fiscal cliff, we just heard from the president and with julie anna on bloomberg, his first interview about the latest state of play, and a lot of people are asking why can't they get together? why can't they meet? they were together at the christmas party at the white house last night and there was no real conversation along the sides between the president and speaker. >> right. in the same room but did not talk. you know, andrea, i think you heard in the clip in the opening, president obama is insisting a balanced approach and we've talked about this before, balance is in the eye of the beholder. john boehner would say this is a balanced approach, we're putting revenue on the table as well as entitlement cuts. president obama seems to be indicating balance means getting more from the wealthy and likely to mean raising rates. as he said today and prior to today, the math doesn't add up if you simply close loopholes, cap deductions, do those sorts of things. we're sort of where we always have been. it's where we have been for several years at least when it relates to c
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
cloild in need. you have quite a cast of characters with you, wyatt? >> it's kindertime again. anna is with the honey go village center in perry hall. there are many shops and vendors there. >> we're very excited to be involved with the toy drive. we have a bunch of merchants who are collecting toys this year. those who are accepting toys will be marked. >> a great place for people to come by and drop off their toy. now, sue, talk about how you're getting involved? >> our office was looking for something to do to contribute to a needy family this year. then i got an email from john that they're being involved in the toy dry. i thought what a great thing to do. we put a box in my office. i'm with home selling assistance realty. we have a box there. you can come by and bring an up wrapped toy. i'm real happy to be apart of it. >> at abc2 we're excited to have all of you involved. there's the information on the screen. you can also go to web been -- drive. 14 years we have been doing this. so happy to have you involved. let's do it. let's fill the lobby up. let's fill
Dec 13, 2012 4:30am PST
volume as the programs around them. the law wasco authored by anna tissue. and they are prompting the utilities commission to add a new area code to the area code zone. they are forcing some people to switch area codes or to a sign a new area code with two new numbers. they will think about it in january. >>> the man accused of killing sierra lemar is charged with 3 new crimes in san jose. 21-year-old antolin garcia- torres looked very different. his hair has grown out and antolin garcia-torres is accused of trying to kidnap three different women in 2009. he could enter pleased and has yet to enter a plea in the disappearance and killing of sierra lemar. >>> and there is a rush for holiday deliveries and they want you to be careful when placing your who'll say shopping. it gives criminals more opportunities to strike. >>> one ups store advices against home deliveries if you are gone. >> go on ups t- called my choice and reroute it to is the nearest ups and just give your i.d. and pick it up. talk with your driver about a more discrete place to leave your packages. >>> more than 93 mil
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